What happens if you are not happy....

1. Please tell us at the first possible opportunity if you are unhappy with any aspect of your visit.

2. We take all feedback very seriously and will make sure that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

3. Our policy is not to refund but to make sure you leave feeling happy, therefore we need the opportunity to work on any problems.

4. Please make sure that you:

a. Ideally let us know if you are unhappy before you leave the salon, that way we can solve any issues immediately.

b. Call/Return to the salon as soon as possible if you become unhappy after you have left.

c. Do not change what we have done, so that we can assess the problem accurately and resolve any concerns.

d. Do not attempt any home remedies as this may hamper any immediate attempt we can make to help the situation.

5. If your complaint is not regarding the treatment and you would rather remain anonymous then you can feedback via our customer survey on the salon website www.enigmahairdesign.co.uk

6. We are the professionals and are only happy when you are happy.

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