Minx Nails arrive at Enigma!

Minx Nails is a revolutionary and unique manicure/pedicure that lasts longer than nail polish, requires no drying time and has a huge choice of fantastic designs.

Minx also eliminates the multiple steps involved in a manicure. The single coat is applied to the nail, and voilà! Perfect nails without the multiple steps of a base coat and two color coats.

Since Minx is friendly to the environment and does not require chemicals to apply or to remove, they can easily be applied at same time as you are getting a massage, having your hair done, or getting your eyebrows waxed!

Did we also mention Minx doesn’t smudge or chip? It is hard to believe, but immediately after applying Minx you can cram your feet into your pointiest pumps, and dive into your bag for your car keys without any chance of ruining your perfect manicure. It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well it isn't!!

We have an amazing introductory offer valid until 30 Sept 2010. Grab yourself a set for only £20.00!!!

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